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Skills for life

Partnerships and Sponsors

Friends of Skills for Life Charitable Trust

Partnerships and Sponsors are at the core of our Recovery College, as they provide the support needed for us to improve our course offerings and to continue expanding our student base. We love working with our partners and collaborating on new and innovative ideas. Read on to find out who we’re partnering with and all they’re doing to support us.

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L W Nelson Trust

Thank you!

We are grateful for a grant from the LW Nelson Trust 2017 round which went towards a 'Cool Connections' group at one of our local high schools for year 7 & 8 students.  This course increases resiliency in a wide range of circumstances and provides skills the students can use as they progress through life.  Thank you!

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A K Franks Charitable Trust

Thank you!

We are grateful for a grant from A K Franks - administered by Whangarei Rotary, December 2017 which enabled us to purchase and set up a computer for our volunteers and students to use. 
Our volunteers use it in helping with funding grants and administrative functions.  
We hope students will find accessing the internet for online resources helpful in their recovery journey.


A Valued Contributor

A Pelorus Trust grant received in August 17 has enable us to purchase a projector for use in our courses.  Thank you Pelorus Trust this is very much appreciated.


Toshiba Printer Supplier

The continued support of Northland Business Systems (NBS) helps Skills For Life Charitable Trust provide the best learning resources to all of our students. NBS is a valued partner of the Skills For Life Charitable Trust family, and we are so grateful for all that they have done.


People Potential


People Potential raised $2000 through a development and facilitation fundraiser in support of a youth course

Client 4

Sarah Franklin

Thank you

Sarah did a sponsored Queenstown marathon in 2018

Client 1

Craig Watson

Thank you

Craig did a sponsored Auckland marathon in 2018

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